Gamify your customer engagement
with chatbots and loyalty rewards

Use your Facebook Page and Messenger App to provide
a unique experience for your brand


  • Leverage #1 mobile app, that all your customers already have
  • Automate customer engagement and drive sales with scratchcard offers
  • Communicate with your customers using the most effective channel
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loyalty rewards

ChatWhale makes customers come back more often, increase spend and automates the process to save you time!

Boost repeat customer visits
50-60% of customers don't come back after their first visit. ChatWhale helps bring them back to you more often.

Increase spend per visit
80% of your business revenue is driven by your loyal customers. ChatWhale helps increase repeat spend per visit.

Let chatbots do the work for you
You're busy, so let our chatbots create, send and track message campaigns automatically, to drive customers back to you.

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customer messaging

Broadcast message to all your customers

Define and message groups of customers

1-2-1 messaging with full history and profiles

Automate welcome and engagement messages


Your customers will never miss a message;

Desktop browser notifications

Mobile App notifications

Watch notifications

Facebook red dot notifications


growth tools

Customers are sometimes on your website, but mostly on social media.

Incentivise anonymous web visitors to become targetable customers using our growth tools.

Website widgets to drive new subscribers

Turn Facebook Page comments into subscribers

Leverage Facebook Ads to find new subscribers

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Giving you an overview of your customers

See how your promotions are working

Analyse customer types and trends

Subscriber analytics over set date periods.

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Pay As You Grow

Starting Out

Up to 100 Subscribers

1 Facebook Page

ChatWhale Branding

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Everything You Need
$ 29/month

Up to 500 Subscribers

3 Facebook Pages

No ChatWhale Branding

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Rapid Growth
$ 99/month

Up to 10,000 Subscribers

Unlimited Facebook Pages

No ChatWhale Branding

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leverage #1 app

Leverage what your customers already have!

1.2 Billion monthly users worldwide!

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