You've got to start somewhere...

| October 19, 2018 | SaaS Startup Life

Like all good SaaS upstarts, or should that be startups, engaging with our key audience is a key ingredient to growth. To do that at scale, actionable and delightful content is the backbone and so a blog is born!

We plan to cover a variety of topics here, but they will all be broadly focused around Chatbot Marketing, Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing and SaaS startup life.

So as this is the first post, it feels appropriate to start at the start and introduce ChatWhale and a little about us.

About Us

ChatWhale was foundered by Becky Halls a highly skilled designer with a passion for SaaS and user experience. As well as co-founding AppInstitute the leading DIY App Building SaaS platform, Becky has worked on numerous mobile app and social projects.

The experiences learnt from the founder and her vision, coupled with years of building numerous SaaS businesses has cumulated in ChatWhale.

We believe deeply in making complex processes simple. Providing unique experiences that will delight customers, using familiar paradigms, reducing friction and driving engagement.

Today ChatWhale brings loyalty scratchcards to Facebook Messenger, the biggest chat app on the planet, ensuring the biggest reach for our clients, but this is just the start!

If you would like to follow our journey, of build, launching and (hopefully) growing a SaaS startup, then please do subscribe to our blog!

We look forward to sharing our journey with you…